CrushStations, a Game to Train Working Memory

CrushStations, a Game to Train Working Memory

CrushStations is a game designed to train working memory, a subskill of executive functions. Updating involves holding information in mind and mentally working with it to solve a problem.

In this game, players need to save sea creatures that vary in type and color from a hungry octopus. Children free the creatures by identifying the type of creature and its color when it passes behind an opaque bubble. To do this requires children to hold in mind the features of the creatures, which requires working memory.

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All You Can ET is part of SMART Suite, a set of games to train executive functions (also including All You Can ET and Gwakkamole) that has been developed by the CREATE lab at New York University in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara and The Graduate Center, CUNY. Published, peer-reviewed research with hundreds of students has validated the efficacy of SMART Suite for training executive functions (see bibliography), including the Handbook of Game-Based Learning.

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